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7 Common Myths About Sewing - Debunked

There are a lot of myths about sewing - and a lot of tips and tricks to prove that those myths are far from true. Today, we are debunking the most common myths about sewing and showing you why this economy has surged in popularity over the years.

Myth 1: Sewing Is Too Expensive

A professional sewing machine costs somewhere around $10,000 and the average ironing system is around $2,000. So, it is safe to say that a sewing addiction can bankrupt your savings. However, sewing is not too expensive when seen from the production of beautiful garments. There are also popular sewing machines such as hand-me-down, mechanical and old fashioned treadle machines that are not too expensive.

Myth 2: Sewers Have Special Talents

You don’t need a talent to start sewing and sewers are not born knowing how to sew. Instead, they use other folks’ talents - which are teachers or designers - in order to teach them. The truth is, everyone can take a class on the basics of sewing at the local high school or even watch YouTube videos to perfect their own skill. Instead of aiming for perfection, you should be creative and start learning in order to improve your skills.

Myth 3: Sewing Is Too Hard

Sewing is definitely hard….but only if you are doing a complicated jacket for the first time. If you stick to simpler things in the beginning, you will advance over time and see that sewing is not that hard as you go level by level. The goal is to follow the instructions and have confidence to keep going.

Myth 4: Sewing Takes Too Much Time

Even though some sewing projects involve hours of work, it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything at once. On days when you only need fifteen minutes to sew, you can use them to pin pieces together or even lay your own pattern on the fabric. If there is something that you need right away, you can always go to the store and buy it.

Myth 5: Sewing Projects Look Tacky And Homemade

Sloppy work definitely shows - but that doesn’t mean that all sewing work is sloppy work. The truth is, your garments and home items will look as professional as any purchase once you follow a set of simple rules. The first thing is to keep it simple and start easy. Next, don’t try out new techniques until you practice them first. Last but not the least, take your time and don’t rush!

Myth 6: If You Know How To Sew, You Can Sew Anything

Surely there is someone who knows everything about sewing - but that doesn’t mean that everyone can do it. In fact, sewing takes a lot of forms and types and there are excellent tailors who thrive in different styles and parts. So, if you are sewing a material you never worked with, chances are that you won’t know how to handle it right from the start because it takes time to learn how to work with it.

Myth 7: You Must Want To Sew All The Time

Sewing is addictive - but that doesn’t mean that you have to sew all the time in order to master sewing. If you do it for a living, the last thing that you will want to do in your free time is more sewing.

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