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1. Why do I need a serger for garment sewing?

First and foremost, a serger is the ideal way to create a clean edge on any seam. Not only does the cutting blade trim the fabric edge, but the upper and l...

The Cameo 4 is a 12-inch width desktop cutting machine that lets you make precision cuts in vinyl, cardstock, fabric, and more.

Machine features include:

  • Built-in roll feeder allows you to easily lo...

Thank you to those of you who pointed out the glitch to the mobile version of our website. When you used the icon with 3 bars at the top of the screen instead of getting the menu bars all you see is a...

One of the many asked questions we get is on what type of water to use in an iron. This article will clear that up and explain why.

Myth #1:  “Fill your iron with regular tap water.”

This is false. Most...

March 6, 2019, Susan Beck

Most quilters know what a walking foot is, and they usually own one. It’s a specialty foot that is larger than regular presser feet and it costs more, too, but it is so worth...

Welcome Marie!

A long time customer, Marie has made the transition to teaching classes here at Steve's. See what she has to offer.

Silicone brushes will not shed bristles. Incredibly flexible brush heads clean hard to reach places. Dust and lint cling to bristles and can be washed cleans. No metal parts to damage delicate machine...

Let’s face it - our sewing habits can often make or break a project. However, it’s the good habits that matter and the ones that enhance your results, while the bad ones can be improved over time.


There are a lot of myths about sewing - and a lot of tips and tricks to prove that those myths are far from true. Today, we are debunking the most common myths about sewing and showing you why this ec...

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