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About Steve's



People notice a difference when they come here.  They experience great service, they notice the exceptional quality and variety, and they find great prices. But most of all they feel welcomed into an environment where there’s almost always something fun going on. With 100 different Classes, 7 Clubs, and all kinds of Special Events (2 or 3 per month), Steve's has become like a community center for all things sewing, quilting, and vacuuming. Come and see for yourself why people love coming to Steve's.




Steve got his start in the "sewing industry" at the tender age of 10 when his budding entrepreneurial prowess merged with his interest in the family sewing machine. Soon he was sewing hems for his 5 sisters, at 25-cents a hem. Thousands of hems later, in 1992, he started his store. Steve maintains that “It’s not really about making money, it’s about building relationships.” And this mantra, coupled with his integrity, has paid off.  Steve has been honored with several local and national awards; but more important to Steve is the gratification of knowing that his customers are assured of getting a good honest deal, and that they’ll enjoy their visit to the store. 

Summary of offerings


We have just about everything you might need for sewing and quilting.  From notions, books, and embroidery designs to all types of machines (sewing, serging, & embroidery); as well as the furniture to accommodate your sewing endeavors. But that’s not all; we also have a variety of vacuum cleaners. And all of our merchandise is sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. 
In addition to merchandise, we offer state-of-the-art repair services for all types of sewing machines, sergers, embroidery, and vacuums. 

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