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My Sewing Room is Stale By Karen Glasthal

Everywhere I look I see old notions, old kits, old patterns, old books, old gadgets and doo-dads . . . stuff I hardly ever use . . . a massive amount of STUFF that’s clogging my creativity! There are so many things I’m eager to get — things that would fuel my creative juices, but I have no room in my sad little sewing studio. So the time has come. A plan must be made to resolve this situation! So here goes . . .

Step 1: Set the criteria: If the odds are low that I’ll ever finish or use the object, purge it.

Step 2: Set the stage: arrange boxes or containers for 4 categories: sell, give, keep, chuck.

Step 3: Determine the recipients: e.g., Good Will, Grandma’s Attic (quilt guild quilt show), a quilting/sewing friend, eBay, etc.

Step 4: Get busy! NOW for the fun part — dreaming about what I’ll get to fuel that creative energy. Here are a few things that top my list: An AccuQuilt cutter to enable me to make good use of my scraps,

Upgrade my serger,

Big board ironing board and new iron,

Those new quilting rulers/templates (for quilting on my Bernina), I could go on and on . . .

I can’t wait to get started!

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