In spite of the difficult situation we are in, we are here to assist you remotely. What we can do for you:

  • Arrange for curb side pick-up and drop-off of vacuums and sewing machines for repair by appointment. When dropping off your repair, please have this information with it and use this form:

    • Full Name

    • Phone Number

    • Street Address

    • E-mail

    • Reason/explanation of work needed

    • Leave it by the door making sure you made the appointment for us to be here to take it in. We are not responsible for any items left with out prior notice.

  • Make purchases online or by phone

  • Call and ask for help

  • Deliver your purchases or repaired vacuum or sewing machine to you.

You can contact us by these methods:

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Baby Lock Promotions

Massive Inventory Clearance Sale

As a major sponsor of the AQS Show in Lancaster  and its being cancelled, we have a overstock of Baby Lock sewing machines. We have "nearly free" prices on all these amazing machines aching for a home. We are able to ship them. If you are forced to be at home, as many of us are, what better opportunity than to sew at home. 

Bernina Promotions

Foot of the month

AccuQuilt Specials This Month

Authorized Dealer

It's official! Steve's now has two locations to provide you with sewing and vacuum sales, schooling, and services. 
King of Prussia
314 S Henderson Rd
King of Prussia, PA 19406

142 Shoemaker Rd. 

Pottstown, PA 19464


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Offering Service 100 Years Behind the Times

There once was a day when the only way to buy something was to enter a store. Life has changed a lot with technology, but we at Steve's prefer the old-fashioned method: The in-store, personal experience. Nothing can compare to the exclusive interaction one gets from the shop visit. Our staff has over 363 years of combined experience and we will be able to meet, and exceed, your expectations.