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Experience Steve's Sewing Vacuum Quilting

Henderson Road is easy access from the Schuylkill Expressway (Route 76) as you travel westbound towards the King of Prussia Mall and Valley Forge Park. Once on Henderson Road you will notice several businesses, including one situated in a busy shopping center named Steve's Sewing Vacuum and Quilting.

If the name sounds familiar to you, it should.

Steve's Sewing Vacuum Quilting, which previously lived off Route 202 and overlooking the Acme Market store, has found a new home just a short walking distance from the old location. Like most new homeowners, they are remodeling, reorganizing, and still unpacking. Yet, they are fully open for business and ready to provide the services and supplies we're accustomed to. The store has a huge selection of irresistible fabrics of endless textures, colors, and prints. And you can also view a variety of machines, sewing notions, and other supplies available. And if you want to take a class, Steve’s continues to offer fun classes for all levels of sewing.

Recently, I went to the new location to look for a hard to find print (baby owls). I not only found the fabric I was looking for, I also got to browse many other inviting selections. I also took a look at the various machines on display, and notions available for purchase. I visited the store again more recently, and noticed newer fabric on display. Indeed, it's very busy these days at Steve’s and there are constant new offerings and happenings as they settle into their new home.

“Steve's” is owned by Steve Chubin, and he has been in the sewing and appliance business for well over 30 years. As an electrician and plumber by profession, his origins in the business began with helping a friend who was opening a sewing factory. He did electrical work at the factory, and then stayed on to help with additional electrical work. Being in a sewing factory, there was also a need for someone to repair machines, And Steve knew how to fix them. Customers were starting to purchase more overlock machines or sergers, so there was a need to explain how they worked and how to fix them. Steve had the knowledge and was in the right place and at the right time to meet these needs. His expertise was rare for the time; very few people knew how to repair these machines. So combined with his knowledge, some luck, and timing, it all stitched together to create his start in the business.

Steve opened his first store about 28 years ago, also in the King of Prussia area. Outside of the store, he has done shows at the Valley Forge Convention Center, "Serger Tech" events, onsite repairs, and classes. Between the store and this type of community outreach, it's no wonder his business is a fixture in the King of Prussia area. The new store has been open for 4 months, and with an engaged and experienced staff, it is well set to continue as a leading retailer in the sewing industry. Plans at the new location include familiar and newer classes with well-known expert instructors; the “Bernina Academy” event in March (see page 6); and, an eating area so you can snack while you shop, browse, and learn. Steve's one big thing is to "Strive to take care of customers, meet their needs, and bring happiness to customers." Visit their website at to learn more, purchase fabric online; sign up for a class, or join one of their many clubs.

So, planning a day trip to the King of Prussia Mall, tour Valley Forge Park, or dining out in King of Prussia for Restaurant Week in March? Why not make the trip with your neighborhood group or with family and friends, and take that drive over to 314 S. Henderson Road to Steve’s store. In fact, contact Steve to let him know you are bringing a group. He’ll arrange a tour of the store, answer questions about sewing, vacuuming, and quilting; and embrace you in the experience of Steve's Sewing Vacuuming and Quilting!

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