Tapestry Level - $500

The full Mary Fons Package. 4 Lectures and 2 Workshops (Sep 8 & 9)

  • Lecture: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: A Brief History of the American Quilt
    Fri, Sept. 8, 11am-12pm
    This will be the most action-packed hour of quilt love you’ll ever experience. The story of quilts is the story of our nation
  • Workshop: Your New Obsession: The paper-pieced Log Cabin (new cool approach)
    Fri, Sept. 8, 12:30-4:30pm
    Here’s a game-changer technique that’s really fun (even for those who don’t like paper piecing).  You’ll be a true believer.

  • Lecture: 10 Things I Know About Quilting (and Life)
    Fri, Sept. 8, 7-8pm
    This super-funny and tip-loaded lecture will tickle your quilt fancy. Why do we make quilts anyway? A real crowd pleaser.
  • Lecture: “You Call That a Quilt?”: Quilt Styles in America (traditional, contemporary, studio/art, & modern)
    Fri, Sept. 9, 11am-12pm
    What style of quilter are you? This fascinating lecture will take you through the whys & wherefores of quilt styles.
  • Workshop: Sweet Pea Block: No Fear Partial Seems
    Sat, Sept. 9, 12:30-4:30pm
    This is Mary’s most popular workshop. You’ll become a real fan of this partial seams technique and of this cool block.
  • Lecture: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Make a Quilt
    Fri, Sept. 9, 7-8pm
    This fun, inspiring lecture will compare the tools and techniques of bygone days with our dazzling tools of today.