You’ll find Special Events happening at Steves almost every weekend, and often during the week as well.  These activities offer an extra helping of fun as well as opportunities for learning and saving money!  Below are a few of our  upcoming events.  Be sure to visit here regularly because fun new events are added all the time.  Click the links below to learn more about each event.

Special Events

Special Events

Quilting with rulers on your domestic sewing machine. Learn innovative design techniques from the expert!

Cost: $ 88.00
Learn to make delicious, healthy meals from a Cardiologist

Cost: $ 5.00
Fuel your creativity, and add zest to your life

Cost: $ 55.00
Would you like to create your own fabric?

Cost: $ 57.00
Ever thought about starting a business?

Cost: $ 79.00
Get greater value from your software.

Cost: $ 119.00