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Riccar Vacuums

Every vacuum that bears that Riccar name is designed not only for exceptional cleaning performance, but with the long term in mind. While others skimp and use plastic, the high-wear areas throughout Riccar vacuums incorporate metal components. It’s simply what’s required to ensure every Riccar vacuum provides unrivaled cleaning performance that we can stand behind with some of the longest warranties in the industry.

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Riccar R10CV (Supralite Cordless)


Riccar Vibrance Classic R20SC


Riccar SupraLite Entry


Riccar Brilliance Deluxe


Riccar Retriever Pet Vacuum


Riccar SupeLite Deluxe


Riccar Superlite Premium


Riccar Superlite Sand Trap


Riccar Superlite Standard R10S


Riccar Vibrance DeLuxe


Riccar Vibrance Entry


Riccar Vibrance Standard


Riccar Vibrance Ultra Premium