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Sew Steady

Dream World Northwest was founded in 1990 and purchased by TipBar Inc in September of 2009. The sewing world knows the company by the Sew Steady brand name. The Sew Steady product line consists of portable acrylic extension tables, cabinet inserts, and sewing accessories designed and customized to fit each individual sewing machine.

Dream World Northwest is the maker of the "Sew Steady Table", a portable acrylic sewing table used by hundreds of thousands of quilters and sewers around the world. Sew Steady tables are portable acrylic sewing surfaces used around the world to craft beautiful garments and quilts. Products include; Sew Steady Table, Acrylic Cabinet Inserts and Insets, Sew Steady Table Travel Bag, Sew Straight Guide, Spinner Tray, Table Polish kits and accessories for quilters.