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Janome Feet & Accessories

Our mission is to produce machines which inspire creativity and innovation, yet are simple to use. We know the most important thing about our products is not the machines themselves, but what you create with them. The better your tools, the more inventive, artistic and pleasurable your sewing experience.
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Curve Master Presser Foot 1/4 Inch


Foot New Home 6000 Applique F


Janome Binder Foot


Janome Embroidery Couching Foot Set


Janome Presser Foot Holder (Ankle)


Janome Satin Foot Open Toe


Janome Sliding Guide Foot


Janome Straight Stitch Needle Plate


Janome Universal Ruffler Foot


Janome Zipper Foot E Narrow


Janome Zipper Foot Wide Snap On