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Generic Feet - All Shank Types

Presser feet come in three basic types:
long or high shank, short or low shank, and the slanted needle shank.

Depending upon the way a sewing machine is built, the needle bar can be either long, short or slightly slanted. Then there are the machines that are built to use snap on presser feet.

A presser foot that is built for a machine with a long shank will not fit a machine with a slanted or short shank.

High Shank & Super High Shank

Low Shank

Slant Needle

Snap On


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1/4" Patchwork Foot Clear Low Shank


10 Inch Creative Motion Grip


Clover 6-n1 Stick N Stitch Guide


Curve Master Presser Foot 1/4 Inch


Darning/Free Motion Foot Low Shank


Darning/Free Motion Open Toe Foot


Foot Blindhem Low Shank Adjustable


Foot Hemmer 1/4" Low Shank


Foot Piping Low 3/16 Clear 7mm


Foot Zig Zag Low Shank Metal


Foot Zig Zag Low Shank Teflon


Janome Universal Ruffler Foot


Low Shank Zipper Foot - Adjustable


Low Shank Clear Open Toe Foot


Magnetic Seam Guide


NN Foot 1/4" Patchwork Snap-On




Stitch N Ditch Foot Low Shank


Zipper Foot Invisible - All Shank Types