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Presser feet let you perform a multitude of different sewing techniques, and are essential accessories, especially for versatile sewing machines with a host of different practical and decorative stitches. Original BERNINA presser feet enable you to exploit the creative potential of your BERNINA sewing machine to the fullest, and to employ a wealth of creative techniques.

BERNINA Presser Feet:
• are Swiss-engineered for precision sewing of specific functions
• are one-piece metal feet, making them strong and durable
• are easy to change with one hand, requiring no special tools
• have a white shank, making it easier to see the eye of the needle, resulting in easier threading
• are, in some cases, modeled after commercial feet used in factories to increase speed and
 production with professional looking results
• do the job intended in relation to all types of sewing (garment making, quilting, crafting, etc.)
• are supported by the best and most complete educational materials in the industry such as
 Feet-ures, Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Understanding the Numbers/Letters:
BERNINA presser feet are numbered and may have one or two additional versions with a letter that follows
the number, such as Edgestitch Foot #10C or Jeans Foot #8D.

No Letter—The number without a letter refers to a foot engineered to be used with BERNINA
models that have a CB Hook and a maximum stitch width of 5.5mm. These feet may also be
compatible with models that have a 9mm width when a 9mm width is not applicable, such
as when making pintucks with feet #30, 31, 32, or 33.

The Letter “C”—When a foot number is followed by a C, it indicates a version of the foot
made for models that have rotary hook systems and a maximum stitch width of 9mm. The
“C” stands for coded and refers to the sensor on the foot that works with the electronics of
the machine to engage the wider stitch width (see page 8 for more information on sensors).
The sole of the “C” foot is usually larger to fit the wider feed dogs of the rotary hook machines.
Exceptions: Overlock Foot #2/2A: 2A is larger to fit the wider feed dog but does not have a sensor
for a wider stitch because the overlock stitches are not used at wide widths. Extra Wide Gathering
Foot #16C: 16C is larger to fit the wider feed dog but does not have a sensor for a wider stitch width.

The Letter “D”—The feet that have a number followed by a D are designed
to work with the 8-Series (models 830 and 820) Dual Feed feature. After
attaching the foot, the dual feed mechanism is positioned in the cutout on the
back of the foot, engaging the BERNINA Dual Feed system. It is recommended
that the D-Feet are used only when engaging the BERNINA Dual Feed feature.

New Style WHITE Box

Old Style RED Box


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Bernina Hook Cleaning Tool


Bernina Horiz. Spool Pin


Bernina Indus. 950/217/840


Bernina Jumbo Bobbin Rack


Bernina Jumbo Hoop For 830


Bernina Knee Lifter


Bernina Light Bulb Remover


Bernina Magna-Hoop 150X400Mm


Bernina Multiple Spool Holder


Bernina Multiple Spool Stand


Bernina Needle Plate 1004-1530


Bernina Needle Punch Kit


Bernina Needle Threader


Bernina Needle Threader


Bernina Needle Threader


Bernina Oil Pen


Bernina Oiler


Bernina Oiler


Bernina Oiler 8 Ser.


Bernina Open Sole Walking Foot


Bernina Pressure Bsr Spring


Bernina Punch Plate


Bernina Radial Thread Release


Bernina Red and Black Rolling Tote


Bernina Red Bernina Cover 210220


Bernina Red Style


Bernina Roller Foot Red Box


Bernina Rotary Bobbin Case


Bernina Rotary Embroidery Bobbin Case


Bernina Rotary Hook Bobbins 9mm


Bernina Ruffler


Bernina Ruffler Foot


Bernina Ruler Base for Longarm


Bernina Satin Stitch Foot


Bernina Screw Driver L


Bernina Screwdriver T-20


Bernina Screwdriver Torx


Bernina Screwdriver Torx 10


Bernina Seam Guide with Scale


Bernina Seam Ripper


Bernina Shank 1008


Bernina Slide On Table


Bernina Slide On Tray 170/180


Bernina Slide On Tray 3 Ser.


Bernina Small Screw In Light Bulb


Bernina Snap-On Foot Shank


Bernina Spool Cap


Bernina Spool Holder


Bernina Spool Pin


Bernina Spool Pin Vertical


Bernina Spool Support 3 & 7 Series


Bernina Stand 130-170


Bernina Stitch Card 230Pe


Bernina Stitch Plate 210


Bernina Stitch Plate 9mm 7Series


Bernina Straight Stitch Plate


Bernina Straight Stitch Plate


Bernina Straight Stitch Plate 830


Bernina Thread Cutter White


Bernina Thread Lub & Guide


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