Latest Update (07/09/14)

Resolved Issues:

  • Register
    • Register will now warn you about selling a class that is already full.
      • DO NOT SELL A FULL CLASS without consulting Karen.
    • Transactions with an item that has a serial number can now be suspended normally.
    • The date of the original transaction is now visible on the "return" screen.
    • After altering the price of a product, and pressing either the on screen OK button or the keyboard enter/return button, the cursor will automatically return to the product search field.
    • There is no longer a credit card signature line on POS receipts.
  • Repairs
    • We do have a signature line at the bottom of repair tickets now, they just don't look right yet.  (getting close)
    • There isn't a good way of including repair notes on a sales receipt so for the times when we would like to do that we'll have to just print an extra repair ticket as well as the sales receipt.
    • We can now search for repairs by make or model.
    • Can now search by company name.
  • Inventory
    • Scanning barcodes in the products category screen is fixed.
    • Search bar in "sales summary" report screen is fixed.
    • "Inventory Value" report now loads (but it's a bit slow show up).

Update (07/02/14)

Resolved Issues:

  • Register
    • Larger gift card database.
    • Can now search for customers by phone #.
    • Can now open the "outstanding gift card report".
    • "Register1" user can now edit prices and apply discounts.
    • Can now sort customer searches alphabetically by first or last name.
    • If a transaction has a note attached to it the transaction note icon will be yellow.
    • The price will no longer automatically clear out when you click on the change price button.
  • Repairs
    • The system will now remember all checked accessories.
    • The "ready for pickup" from the drop down menu has been fixed.
    • Repair tickets will print now even if the customer's email isn't formatted correctly.
    • When creating a new repair order the system will now pull in whichever phone number is in the customer's profile.
    • Customer's phone number and email are now visible on the repair job screen.
    • Can now select multiple repair jobs and add them to the same transaction.
    • Added two more repair statuses - "in process - approved" and "in process - parts arrived".
    • There is now a check list of labor items for the repair log.
    • Can now delete repair items.
    • There is now a checklist for selecting a technician.
  • Inventory
    • Can now reprint purchase orders
    • The search bar in "sales detail" now works.
  • Classes & Marketing
    • Class reports now print with the class title on it.
    • Can now search for old class reports.
    • Customer phone numbers are now included in the class reports.
    • Can now begin a class id# with a letter or a zero.
    • Special Events and Classes are now displayed on the website in order by date.


Update (6/24/14)

Temporary solutions to current problems:

  • Doing a return for an item(s) without a receipt or customer profile or known date of purchase.
    • Start a new transaction using "Anonymous, Steves".
    • Add a new gift card to the sale.
      • Make it for the amount of the item(s) being returned [including tax].
      • Title the card "return of [product name]".
    • Discount the gift card by 100%.
    • Finalize the transaction by clicking the green checkmark.
    • If the customer has other items to purchase begin a new transaction and apply the gift card at the end.
    • Adjust the quantity of the product in the product module (if applicable).
      • Or inform the the correct individual that the product needs to be adjusted.

Issue(s) added to the list:

  • Ability to change an item on the transaction screen to a negative quantity.  (needed for returns without receipt or customer profile or known date of purchase.)
    • Right now, whether the price or the quantity is made to be negative, only the price appears to be altered.
      • So, for example, when an item's price is manually changed to a negative value, tax is not included in that negative value price.  When an item's quantity (in a transaction) is changed to a negative value, tax should be included in that negative value price.
  • When doing a transaction the cursor doesn't default back to the product search bar after altering the price of an item.
    • It does to that after altering the quantity, but not the price.

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