SW17-335 Digitizing Accuquilt Dies

Digitizing Accuquilt Dies  (Level 2 Software)

I love the whole concept of Accuquilt and I also dig how I can use my embroidery software to make things easier for me to be creative. So why not combine the two. In this class I will be showing you how to digitize any Accuquilt die that can fit in your embroidery hoop. The benefits are that you can then take the files and resize them to cut larger shapes on cutters such as the Cameo Silhoutte or the Bernina Cutwork tool. Like to applique? Well you’ll learn how to create the applique files for any die!!!!! Although I will be teaching using the Bernina Designer software, I will be also showing how this is done in Floriani’s FTCU and DIME’s PEP. This is gonna be fun!!!

Instructor, Shannon Strain

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SW17-335 Digitizing Accuquilt Dies

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