Ensure the Future

The loss of so many quilt shops in recent years has been very sad for everyone who cares about this industry. It’s a disconcerting trend; and one that I’m determined to avoid.   Several of you already know that our lease will soon be up and that our only option is to find ways to enable us to purchase the property. We’re calling this endeavor: Ensure the Future. Many of our customers, who know about this, have asked if there’s something they might do to help. So one of our initiatives is to provide our customers with an avenue to show their support—and we’ve tried to make this a fun win/win proposition for everyone.

Here’s how it will work:

When you contribute a particular amount to our Ensure the Future Fund, you’ll receive a thank you gift with a value that approaches the amount of the related donation. For example, some donated amounts will be linked to complimentary machine service, other amounts will be linked to a complimentary vacuum service or scissor-sharpening. We also plan to host several well-known sewing stars in the near future; and certain donated amounts will be linked to complimentary admission to those events which include Mary Fons, Pamela Leggett, Ricky Tims, and more.  

Everyone wins:

  • The store will be able to apply needed funds to the purchase and improvement of the building
  • The contributors will get various services and/or will be able to participate in exciting big events
  • All our customers will be assured of continued access to the many high-quality goods, services, classes, and events that Steves is famous for


We’re all in this together. If you’ve been associated with this store for a while, you know that our philosophy is simply this: “We take good care of our customers and the bottom line takes care of itself.” If this is the type of store you’d like to support, we hope you’ll consider contributing toward our future through this Ensure the Future Fund. And, of course, come and see us often!

Thank you Gift Details 

Below are contribution amounts and related thank you gifts.  This list may be added upon from time to time or items may be subtracted when a quota has been reached for that item.  

Click on the selection you want and you’ll be taken to where you can make the transaction.

  • Event with: Mary Fons
         Fun-loving quilter and ultimate entertainer – Sep, 8 & 9, 2017
          - FULL PACKAGE — $500
         Individual offerings:
          -  Lecture/demo, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Fri, Sep 8, 11am — $70
          Workshop, Your New Obsession, Fri, Sep 8, 12:30 — $130
Lecture/demo, 10 Things I Know about Quilting, Fri, Sep 8, 7pm — $70

          Lecture/demo, You Call That a Quilt?, Sat, Sep 9, 11am — $70
          Workshop, Sweet Pea Block, Sat, Sep 9, 12:30-4:30pm — $130
          Lecture/demo, There’s Never Been a Better Time to Make a Quilt, Sat, Sep 9, 7pm — $70

         Nationally known, locally loved (two options) – July 9 & 10
          -  Workshop/Event, Open Sew & Party with Pamela, Sun, Jul 9, 10am-7pm — $220
          -  Workshop/Event, Open Sew & Party with Pamela, Sun, Jul 10, 10am-7pm — $220

  • Event with: Ricky Tims
         A once-in-a lifetime opportunity – Date TBD in 2019
          FULL PACKAGE — $450
         Individual offerings:
          Lecture/demo, 1 ½ Hours with Ricky, Date TBD — $120
          Lecture/demo, 3 Hours with Ricky, Date TBD — $170
          Concert, an Evening with Ricky, Date TBD — $185

Preserving Our Heritage

I got my start in the "sewing industry" at age 10 when my entrepreneurial interest merged with my curiosity of the family sewing machine.  Soon I was sewing hems for my 5 sisters, at 25-cents a hem.  Thousands of hems later, in 1992, I started my first store; then moved to the current, much larger location in King of Prussia, in 2010.  What inspires me isn’t really about making money, it’s about building relationships.  And this approach, has paid off.  We’ve been honored with local and national awards; but what’s more gratifying to me is seeing the good that we’ve brought to our customers and our community.
Time and again people tell us that they encounter something special when they come to Steve’s.  Of course they get great service, high quality, ample variety, and fair honest prices.  But even more importantly, they feel welcomed into a creative and fun environment. And with as many as 100 different classes, 7 clubs, and all kinds of special events, Steve’s has become a community center for all things sewing, quilting, cooking, and vacuuming.  Over the past 25- years, we’ve succeeded in creating a space where life-long friendships have been formed and where people are given the opportunity to learn, grow, and sew.  

Bottom line, this is what we aim to preserve.  And since I need to raise a significant portion of the needed funds by June 1, 2017, I am asking for your contributions effective immediately.  Your support means the world to me, and I will be forever grateful!

Please help spread the word!